Seminar formats

Women's Self Defense Seminar:

While not a substitute for a regular course of training, women's self defense seminars are great introductions to women's self defense.  In a typical 2-hour seminar, Monica introduces various aspects of her Dangerous Damsels Women's Self Defense Program in a fun, easy to follow format focusing on various everyday situations that women may find themselves in.  No experience nor fitness level is required to participate in this program.

Adult Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Seminar:  

Typically geared for the more serious martial artist, these seminars focus on the intricacies of Monica's personal Jiu Jitsu style.  These 2-hour seminars are a great opportunity to learn from one of the pioneers of women's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Pennsylvania!

Kids Jiu Jitsu Seminar:

A kid at heart, these are some of Monica's favorite seminars to teach.  The focus of these 2-hour seminars can either be sport Jiu Jitsu or Monica's anti-bullying program.  Either way, the seminars are high octane and a ton of fun!

cost:  $750 (for profit); $500 (Not for profit)

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